Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little About Me

Well for starters,  my name is Mary-Margaret.  I am excited about my blog.....I get to write down all of my thoughts.  I am not really what a blog is or does.....but here we go! I guess since this is my first post I should tell you a little about me which isn't hard since I know me so well!  OK....what can I tell you. I am fifteen years old, well almost I will be on May 10th. I am very excited about this birthday mainly because I can drive. My mom says I'm a good driver except for this one time when I  was pulling into my driveway. MY mothers bushes jumped up out of nowhere and attacked the car...ha ha!  She says I wasn't paying 
Me and my friends
attention, but I know it was only the fought of the bushes. Well long story short I ripped up all her bushes. My dad had to take his big tractor thingy and haul them away, which is what they get for trying to kill me. Another thing about me is that I am from a big family! I have three brothers, two Latvian speaking and one home grown, and one sweet sister. My sister is like my twin. We are only 18 months apart and we are in the same class. Which I guess would seem weird, but really isn't since I'm home schooled. Most people think homeschoolers are weird.....we aren't. If you oppose to homeschooling I would like you to leave my blog an never not really!  I am just kidding.....I just think homeschooling rocks!. Now if you are wondering about  homeschooling you should watch the messymondays video on YouTube and learn the true facts. In case you are unfamiliar with messymondays its a hilarious guy who makes all these really funny videos you should check it out.

Something else about me. Hmmmmmmmm?????? well I do like to read, no that's not right I looooovvvvveeeee to read!!!!!!! I think reading is the best thing in the entire world. It's my happy place. I want to be an author someday. I mainly love fiction mostly fantasy. Right now, I am reading the Hobbit by J.R.R.Tolkien. Its an a magical novel about a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins and his adventures in Middle Earth. If you have ever read The Lord of The Rings or at least seen the movies this is the prelude to that. It maybe a little wordy, but it is entrancing. I have to read it for my Foundations class at my homeschooling group, and Ii have to write a one minute script...for which I am really nervous. I mean I have written scripts before in classes, but I have never written something I actually have to act out in front of my friends. I think I am going to write about the scene were Gollum tries to trick Bilbo with a riddle so he can eat him. He..He.....confused? read it.

Here are a few more fun facts about me......
1. I sing in the shower- once I accidentally swallowed some shampoo and I went around the rest of the day with that taste in my mouth. You know like germ ex....
2. I like ketchup on my Lays chips- you might think this is weird but it is actually quite good
3. I played the Flute for three years and I hated every second of it!
4. I like to be random and me and my friends will randomly spout things to people we don't know! 
5. I love long romantic walks on the beach- He He only joking I hate the beach....
I don't necessarily hate the beach its the sun I hate. I am so fair and burn very easily!  The burn was so bad one summer that it took weeks to get over the water blisters. I couldn't do anything but watch T.V. and sit in one position all day!
6.. I love chocolate, any chocolate. 
7. I can ride a horse, we own three.
8. I love also to draw mostly anything as long as it isn't to complicated.
9. I am a devout Christian and I love the Lord.  
10. My favorite movie is The Hunger games that's also my favorite book. 
....I once broke my arm on the playground when I was in kindergarten. 

That's ME!



  1. You have a bloggy blog!! Ahhh I'm so excited :) :)

  2. Mary Margaret!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know you had a blog, this just made me so super excited. :) Blogging is so much fun. I love you girly, can't wait to see what you post! ;)